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Udaariyaan 9th December 2023 Written Update: Raja hurts Aasmaa

Udaariyaan 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Raja surprising Alia by promising to bring her a flower without thorns from the garden. However, Alia expresses her frustration about tolerating Raja. Aasmaa enters the room and warns Alia to stop using Raja, reminding her that they are sisters. Alia retaliates by saying that Aasmaa is more like an enemy who has taken everything away from her. Alia provokes Aasmaa and closes all the doors and windows of the room. Aasmaa decides to inform Ekkam about Alia’s true intentions.

Alia mocks Aasmaa, calling her plan too small. As Aasmaa is about to leave the room, Alia starts hitting herself and screaming. The noise attracts the attention of the other family members who gather outside the room. Alia tries to show Raja through the window that Aasmaa is hurting her. Alia tightly holds Aasmaa, not allowing her to leave. However, as soon as the family members open the door, Alia acts like a victim, claiming that Aasmaa hurt her. This angers Raja, who enters the room and hits Aasmaa on the forehead. Raja accuses Aasmaa of being bad and hitting Alia. Armaan, enraged by Raja’s accusations, is about to raise his hand against Raja, but Aasmaa stops him.

Armaan questions Alia about her motives and becomes angry. Aasmaa calms him down and takes him to their room. Alia believes that this is just the beginning and that the real drama is yet to come. Armaan tends to Aasmaa’s wound and expresses his disappointment in how Alia has manipulated Raja’s mind. He wants to confront Alia, but Aasmaa makes him realize that Alia is trying to break the unity of the family. Armaan feels guilty for raising his hand against his own brother because of Alia and breaks down, with Aasmaa comforting him.

Raja cries about Armaan no longer loving him and blames Aasmaa for it. Aasmaa tells Armaan that they are a team and need to free Raja from Alia’s clutches together. Alia continues to manipulate Raja, making him believe that nobody loves or respects them. She looks forward to a new drama every day and hopes that Aasmaa is ready for it. Armaan and Aasmaa try to gather all the family members for dinner. Meanwhile, Sukhi expresses his frustration about Aasmaa and Alia’s drama to Rano. In anger, he unintentionally hurts Rano, shocking Aasmaa who has come to call them for dinner.

Aasmaa anxiously asks Rano if Sukhi hurt her and applies ointment to her injuries. Rano warns Aasmaa that such incidents should not happen again. The family members gather at the dining table to eat together. Alia and Aasmaa come together and Aasmaa apologizes to Alia. She requests Alia to maintain peace in the house. Alia pretends to agree and promises not to repeat her actions. Raja tells Aasmaa that he will never talk to her again because she hurt Alia. The episode ends with Armaan holding Raja’s hand and bringing him along.


In the upcoming episode, Aasmaa will make Alia do lots of work. When Alia is about to leave, Aasmaa will ask her to get fruits and assign her more tasks. Tired and frustrated, Alia will spot a clay pot and contemplate breaking it.


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