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Udaariyaan 27th December 2023 Written Update: Alia plans to frame Armaan.

Udaariyaan 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Raja questioning Alia about her destination. Alia replies that she is going to explore the hotel and make bookings for the following day. She informs him that she intends to talk to Armaan and make it clear that she is now Raja’s wife, urging him to stay away. Alia also instructs Raja to only meet them when she specifically calls him.

Alia knocks on Armaan’s door and expresses her desire to spend some quality time with him. The waiter arrives with juice for them. Alia tries to seduce Armaan, but he asks her to leave. Undeterred, she adds something to his juice and insists that if he wants her to leave, he must drink it. Just as Armaan is about to consume the juice, Aasman knocks on his door. Armaan, upon seeing her, tells Alia to leave. Aasman grabs Alia’s hand and instructs her to go to Raja.

As Alia waits outside their room, Aasman and Armaan pretend to have a loud argument. Alia overhears this and feels satisfied. Armaan and Aasman embrace each other, and Aasman explains that they must continue pretending that everything is not okay between them to ensure Raja’s safety. Prior to the trip, Aasman had shown Armaan her eye test reports, proving that she had a fluctuating vision problem and was not lying. Armaan promises to continue the charade for Raja’s well-being.

Later in the evening, Armaan and his entire family come together to celebrate Christmas. Alia intentionally spills juice on Aasman and sends him to the bathroom. While in the restroom, Aasman encounters a woman who is sobbing alone. Alia then drugs Armaan during the party. Aasman discovers a bomb attached to the woman’s body, and she reveals that the people responsible for this are present at the hotel and plan to detonate it at midnight. They are coercing her into committing this crime.

One of the hotel waiters brings the intoxicated Armaan to his room and places him on the bed. Aasman contacts Ekam and shares all the information with him. Meanwhile, Alia leans over Armaan and kisses him while he is inebriated. Aasman asks her for more details about the terrorists, but she is unable to provide much information. Suddenly, the terrorists begin firing in the party hall, trapping the guests from all sides. The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Precap: Aasman is seen throwing Alia out of their house.


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