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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Armaan decides to take a break with Aasman!

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Udaariyaan is set to become more intense in the coming days as Alia’s devious plans start to unfold, successfully painting Aasman as a liar. In the latest episode, Alia cunningly tricks Aasman and exposes her true abilities to see. Aasman, in a desperate attempt to prove herself, rushes upstairs to fix the jhoomar that Alia had tampered with. Alia questions how Aasman managed to save everyone if she is unable to see.

Alia portrays Aasman as a deceitful person, claiming that she could see all along but chose to deceive everyone and gain their sympathy. Armaan’s family is shocked to hear this revelation, and Armaan himself is deeply hurt. Aasman tries to convince everyone that her vision was impaired, and she even accuses Alia of lying. However, nobody believes her. Sukhi calls Raja to reveal the truth about how he ended up in the water tank.

To everyone’s surprise, Raja supports Alia and takes responsibility for his own mistake, defending her innocence. Armaan is shattered by this turn of events and rejects Aasman’s attempts to talk to him. Raja confesses to Alia that he lied to protect her. He accuses her of being dishonest, questioning why she deceived him. Alia realizes that Raja’s suspicions have grown, prompting her to take drastic measures to regain his trust. She blackmails him and stages a suicide attempt, causing Raja to worry and apologize for doubting her. He promises to believe only in her from now on.

The next morning, Armaan, Alia, and Raja prepare to leave together. Armaan declares that he is not in the mood to speak with Aasman and believes it would be best if they distance themselves for a while so that she can reflect on her actions. In the upcoming episode, Aasman will be seen evicting Alia from their house due to her disgraceful behavior.

Stay tuned to Udaariyaan to find out what happens next, and visit for more updates on this captivating story.


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