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Suhaagan Upcoming Story: Bindiya learns Durga’s past!

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Suhaagan is gearing up for more drama in the upcoming episodes. Durga has returned home and is mistaking Payal for Kaveri, attacking her frequently. The big question now is, how will Bindiya win Dadi’s heart?

In the latest episode, Dadi stops Bindiya from going out and insists that she should stay home. Bindiya tries to assure her that she will be back soon, but Dadi remains stubborn. Baldev suggests postponing the court hearing, but Krishna opposes the idea. Bindiya then declares that she won’t go to court and leave Dadi in this state. Meanwhile, Payal seeks help from Tripti, who disguises herself as Kaveri to divert Dadi’s attention. Dadi chases after Tripti while Payal pretends to help.

In court, Krishna accuses Bindiya of ruining his life and demands a divorce, claiming that she killed their baby. However, Bindiya proves him wrong with a statement from the inspector. The judge then asks Bindiya to state her decision.

In the upcoming episodes, Bindiya will approach Baldev to find out what happened to Dadi. Baldev hands her Dadi’s diary, and as Bindiya reads it, she discovers that their stories are similar.

What will happen next? Will Bindiya expose Payal’s truth to Krishna? And will Krishna develop feelings for Bindiya?

To find the answers to these questions, stay tuned to the show and keep following for exclusive updates on your favorite Hindi shows.


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