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Vanshaj 13th December 2023 Written Update: DJ’s plan becomes successful.

Vanshaj 13th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Isha realizes that she needs to tell Yuvika about something important before DJ spills the beans. However, Gargi interrupts and warns everyone not to leak the news about Ruhi’s pregnancy. She announces that she will personally reveal it through a grand party. Determined, Isha decides to inform Yuvika the next morning.

The following morning, Neel receives an email from Yuvika, asking him to prepare a presentation for a meeting. Meanwhile, Yuvika opens the newspaper and is shocked to see Isha’s photo on the cover page with a breaking news headline.

Isha, on the other hand, discovers her photos on Instagram and realizes that her followers have increased. She becomes ecstatic and decides to share this news with Yuvika, revealing that she has become a model. However, as she takes a few steps forward, Bhoomi enters the room with the newspaper and slaps Isha, demanding an explanation for her photo being on the cover page. Yuvika intervenes and tries to calm Bhoomi down, questioning why Isha hid this from her. Isha explains that she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a model but feels that Yuvika doesn’t support her own aspirations.

Bhanu, Bhoomi’s husband, calls them and their children, furious about the situation. He expresses his disappointment, stating that such things do not befit the Mahajan family’s reputation. He questions Isha about her decision and asks if she even considered the consequences. Isha stands her ground, expressing her desire to become a model. Bhanu reminds her that her actions reflect on the entire Mahajan family, including Yuvika. Gargi takes the opportunity to taunt Isha and her parents, but Isha defends them, stating that they are not responsible for her choices.

Dhanraj, another family member, points out that Yuvika’s reputation will be affected by this matter. Bhanu firmly states that Isha cannot pursue a career in modeling. Yuvika tries to reason with Isha, but she refuses to listen and decides to give up on her dreams to avoid tarnishing Yuvika’s reputation.

Meanwhile, DJ watches everything from upstairs and instructs someone to remove all of Isha’s pictures from social media to prevent further gossip. DJ then congratulates Isha and empathizes with her, acknowledging the disappointment of shattered dreams. He advises her to be cautious about her next steps. As Yuvika prepares to leave for the office, she is surrounded by the media, who bombard her with inappropriate and embarrassing questions. Yuvika defends her sister and warns the media not to make abusive comments about the Mahajan family. However, the media twists the story, causing Yuvika to worry about Isha’s well-being. She confides in Neel and decides to support Isha in pursuing her dreams.

In the preview for the next episode, Vidur discovers a pattern related to the Mahajan group’s share price hike and shares the information with Yuvika.


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