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Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka Upcoming Story: Aradhana’s concern for Reyansh!

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Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka is set to bring more drama as Aradhana marries Jai, leaving Reyansh heartbroken.

In the current track, Aradhana reveals to everyone that both Reyansh and Jai love her. She describes Reyansh’s love as toxic and Jai’s love as selfless. She also mentions that those who advised her against marrying Reyansh truly cared for her. Aradhana then proposes to Jai, much to the delight of her mother. Reyansh confronts Aradhana, but she mocks him.

Reyansh is deeply hurt witnessing Aradhana and Jai’s marriage. Aradhana cries inconsolably during the ceremony. After the wedding, Jai asks Neeta to accept and respect his relationship with Aradhana. A flashback shows Jai bribing the priest. Later, Aradhana is shocked to find Reyansh in her room.

In the upcoming episode, Reyansh will enter Aradhana’s room at night on her first day at Jai’s house. He declares that he won’t let Aradhana forget him for a second and challenges her. Aradhana responds by saying she won’t even look at his face if he dies. Reyansh leaves, leaving Aradhana furious.

Malini tells Aradhana that her dream of seeing her daughter as a bride has finally come true. Aradhana looks happy. However, Reyansh vows to show Aradhana the consequences of her decision. Before getting into a car, Aradhana is shocked when Reyansh breaks a glass tumbler with his bare hand, causing his hand to bleed. Aradhana becomes worried.

Will Aradhana tend to Reyansh’s wound or ignore him?

To find out the answers to these questions, keep watching the show and stay tuned to for exclusive updates on your favorite Hindi shows.


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