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Aangan – Aapno Kaa Upcoming Story: Jaydev will learn of Pallavi’s sacrifice!

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Sony SAB’s newly launched show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Pallavi and Jaydev fighting with each other for each other’s well-being.

In the current track, Pallavi is relieved to see that Jaydev is fine. Jaydev assures her that he will never leave her. Although Pallavi initially decides not to attend Ruchi’s party, Jaydev convinces her otherwise. Pallavi’s sisters express their gratitude towards her.

However, at the party, Pallavi misunderstands a guy and discovers that her profile is on a matrimonial site. This leads to a heated argument between her and Jaydev.

Later, when Pallavi falls ill, Jaydev takes care of her. Pallavi opens up to Jaydev about why she doesn’t want to get married, which brings out his emotions.

In the upcoming episode, Jaydev will be at Tanvi’s house, where Tanvi’s mother-in-law, Neeta, informs him that she knows Abhir and believes that Pallavi and Abhir are perfect for each other. Jaydev, however, expresses his doubts about this alliance, upsetting Neeta.

Meanwhile, Akash congratulates Pallavi and offers her a position as the chief chef at a hotel in Dubai. Pallavi is taken aback by this offer. Neeta tells Jaydev that if Pallavi’s mother were alive, she would have already been married. This saddens Jaydev.

Pallavi tells Monty that she doesn’t want Jaydev to know that she has rejected the Dubai offer. Unbeknownst to her, Jaydev overhears their conversation. Pallavi reassures Monty that she is not going anywhere and will not leave Jaydev alone.

Jaydev questions himself, wondering if Neeta is right and he is holding Pallavi back. Pallavi is then seen tearing the offer letter, expressing her desire to not accept the Dubai offer. Jaydev promises that he will support Pallavi’s dream of becoming an international chef.

What will Jaydev do next?

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