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Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 27th December 2023 Written Update: Aradhana warns Reyansh to be in his limits

Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Reyansh and Aradhana walking in the rain while Aradhana tries to book a cab. Reyansh playfully mocks Aradhana, but she tells him that he doesn’t understand her. Reyansh responds by saying he still has hope, while Aradhana admits she has stopped believing in hope. Reyansh then removes the umbrella, causing Aradhana to plead with him not to let her get drenched in the rain. As they get closer, Reyansh tells her that the rainy weather belongs to them. Aradhana decides to leave, but Reyansh stops her. He twirls her around and they dance to a romantic song. Reyansh brings Aradhana closer to him and is about to kiss her, but he realizes it’s just a dream when Aradhana questions him about what he’s thinking. Reyansh mocks her for only being romantic in dreams and not in real life. He receives a call informing him that his car is working, much to Aradhana’s relief.

Meanwhile, Neeta warns Akash about eating samosas, and he decides not to have them. Bhakti agrees with Neeta. Varun arrives and asks about Aradhana’s whereabouts, reminding everyone that it’s past 10pm. Jai explains that Aradhana is stuck in the rain but will reach home soon. Neeta taunts Aradhana and mentions that Reyansh is her boss, implying that he will trouble her. Akash defends Aradhana to Neeta. Jai becomes upset and worried, so he goes inside.

Aradhana urges Reyansh to drive the car faster, but he refuses, which annoys her. Reyansh starts driving fast, scaring Aradhana. She tries to convince him to slow down, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Jai recalls everything that has happened and decides to have a drink, but Neeta enters his room. He hides the alcohol from her, but she notices it and expresses her concern for his well-being. Jai compares himself to Reyansh and calls himself useless. He blames himself for their business losses and puts all the blame on Aradhana. Jai requests Neeta not to blame Aradhana, as it was his own choice to fall for her and get them into trouble.

Meanwhile, the car carrying Aradhana and Reyansh stops at a traffic light, and Reyansh teases Aradhana, angering her. At the same time, Jai suggests that Neeta return to London, but she refuses. She decides to seek Baani’s help, which surprises Jai. While waiting at the traffic light, a man selling roses approaches Reyansh and Aradhana. Aradhana clarifies that Reyansh is not her husband and gives the man some money for his mother’s medical treatment. In return, the man gives each of them a rose before leaving.

Aradhana receives a call from Jai, who asks when she will return home. Aradhana informs him about an important meeting she has to attend. Jai becomes furious upon learning that Reyansh is still with Aradhana and decides to visit her office. Reyansh and Aradhana arrive at the office, and Aradhana promises Jai that she will return soon after finishing the meeting. Reyansh smirks at Jai, which angers him. Later, Reyansh irritates Aradhana by questioning Jai’s trust in her. He prevents her from falling, which makes Jai furious. He questions Aradhana, and Reyansh warns Jai not to speak to her in such a tone. Aradhana asks Reyansh to stay away from them, and Jai mocks Reyansh’s ability to trust.

In the precap, Aradhana learns about an important news coverage and rushes there, while Jai waits for her. Aradhana opens a car and is shocked by what she sees.


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