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Dabangii 27th December 2023 Written Update: Ankita foils Satya’s plan

Dabangii 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Satya having a conversation with Bela, warning her to be cautious around Arya as she may try to harm Sai again. Bela becomes frightened upon hearing this. Satya advises Bela that if she truly wants to ensure Sai’s safety, she must set aside her values and take action. Curious, Bela asks Satya what she needs to do.

Meanwhile, Ankush requests Arya to come and apologize to Sai. The neighbors demand that Ankush remove Arya from the colony, fearing that she may harm their children as well. Ankush instructs Arya to apologize to the neighbors, but she defiantly refuses, claiming she is not responsible for starting the fire.

Satya informs Ankush that the neighborhood residents have decided to have Arya sent to juvenile detention. Satya reveals that Bela was the first person to sign the petition. This revelation shocks Ankush.

Later, Satya shares her plan with Jaanrao, explaining that her men will pose as juvenile officers and take Arya to the Godown. Ankush confronts Bela about her willingness to send Arya to juvenile detention. Bela justifies her decision, stating that it is for Sai’s safety. However, Ankush believes that talking to Arya might be more effective. Bela disagrees, insisting that Arya is not the type of child who will listen to reason.

Arya approaches Bela and asks what a juvenile detention center is. Satya explains that it is a place where children who engage in naughty and criminal behavior are sent in order to correct their actions. Arya questions Bela if she believes she is a bad kid too. Satya advises Bela not to go easy on Arya. Satya then instructs Jaanrao to call Sai.

Satya demonstrates that Sai is afraid of a matchstick, making Ankush reconsider whether Arya should stay in the neighborhood. Bela affirms her belief that Arya should go to the juvenile detention center.

Satya contacts the fake juvenile detention center staff, who are actually her men. Jaanrao informs Satya that they will take Arya to the Godown. Arya agrees to go with them, and Ankush pleads with the faux staff not to take her. Arya insists on leaving with them, and Ankush fails to stop her. However, he notices a competition called “Chote Police” and gets an idea.

Ankush takes Arya out of the vehicle and promises the neighborhood residents that he will work on changing Arya’s behavior within one month. If he fails, he vows to take her to the juvenile detention center himself. Additionally, Ankush declares that Arya will participate in the “Chote Police” contest.

Ankush implores Ankita to give Arya a chance, arguing with the neighbors for not giving the child an opportunity and instead destroying her. The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Ankush tells Ajubaba that this is also a test for him. Satya informs Jaanrao that Arya will be sold along with the rest of the consignment. Arya confides in Eklavya that she will see how Ankush helps her win the contest.


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