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May I Come In Madam 18th December 2023 Written Update: Kashmira seeks Sajan’s help to separate Chedilal-Ramvati

May I Come In Madam 18th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kashmira in the kitchen, where Sajan joins her. He advises her to check the gas pipe before using it. Sajan notices that Kashmira is crying and asks her what’s wrong. Kashmira shares her nightmare, which involves Sajan and Bubbly. Sajan scolds her, but Kashmira defends herself, saying that nightmares are beyond her control. Sajan becomes upset, and Kashmira asks for his help with the clothes she left outside to dry. Sajan agrees, and Kashmira leaves. Suddenly, Sajan spots a joker inside the house and rushes out in panic. By mistake, he holds Bubbly, who is jogging. Kashmira arrives and gets upset, and Sajan is shocked and worried.

Later on, Sajan and Sanjana go to the accident spot to find clues about their blackmailer. Sanjana gets annoyed with Sajan, who keeps expressing his fear about the blackmailer. They notice a house nearby and Sajan knocks on the door. Someone sees them from a window. Sanjana suggests breaking the door, and Sajan agrees. Just as he is about to open it, the blackmailer tries to escape. Sanjana alerts Sajan, who catches the mysterious man but fails to see his face. The blackmailer manages to overpower Sajan and escape. Sanjana throws a stone at the blackmailer, shocking Sajan. He questions her actions, but she defends herself.

Meanwhile, Chedilal disguises himself as a milkman and visits Sajan’s house to meet Ramvati. Ramvati is thrilled to see Chedilal and urges him to hug her, but Chedilal refuses, fearing they will get caught. Ramvati informs him that Kashmira is out buying vegetables, while Bhupesh is asleep. She takes Chedilal inside, and they share a hug. However, Bhupesh arrives and removes the beard from Chedilal, questioning his actions. Kashmira also arrives and is shocked to discover that the milkman is Chedilal. She shouts at him and tells Ramvati to go inside. Bhupesh scolds Ramvati. Despite the chaos, Chedilal and Ramvati refuse to give up on each other, claiming their love. Kashmira surprises everyone by accepting Chedilal and Ramvati’s relationship.

Sajan confides in Khiloni about his failed attempt to catch the blackmailer and Sanjana injuring the blackmailer. He wonders how they will identify the blackmailer. Khiloni taunts him, leading Sajan to scold him. Sajan then tells Khiloni that he won’t spare the blackmailer. Suddenly, Batuta arrives with a head injury, shocking Sajan and Khiloni. They ask him what happened, and Batuta reveals that he was injured during a mission. Sajan and Khiloni believe him, while Batuta appears worried.

Later, Kashmira informs Sajan about her decision to accept Chedilal and Ramvati’s relationship. Sajan is happy because he believes Sanjana will also be happy to hear the news. However, Kashmira reveals that her real intention is to prove to Ramvati that Chedilal is not the right person for her. Sajan is shocked but agrees to help Kashmira. He calls Chedilal and pretends to be a woman, giving Kashmira hope that her plan will succeed. Meanwhile, Sanjana learns about Kashmira’s acceptance and feels happy and emotional. The joker watches everything from a distance.

In the upcoming episode, Sanjana decides to meet the blackmailer, and Sajan accompanies her. However, both of them get trapped, and they worry about the consequences.


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